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Business software such as “accounting system”, “production management system”, “production scheduler” necessary for corporate activities. Kanto Bussan Viet Nam is utilizing the experience in Vietnam since 2006 to support the system in Japanese, Vietnamese, and English language. Please contact us all about business system inquiries.

mcframe GA (Accounting system)

“mcframe GA” is a global business management solution that can centrally integrate all accounting data in various forms used for business processing such as accounting/sales of overseas bases included in a corporate group. . Kanto Bussan Viet Nam has been fully supporting the sales of mcframe GA’s which is the upgrade version of A.S.I.A. since 1997 in Vietnam. We will support you with a long experience. *Since October 2017, “A.S.I.A.” was changed to ” mcframe GA”.

With mcframe GA

  • 【 Overseas correspondence 】
    It supports multiple languages, and the administrator can use it in Japanese, and the local staff can use it in Vietnam or English screen. You can register unlimited currencies and it supports monthly exchange profit and loss. In addition, we have prepared standard forms for revenue department such as VAT in Vietnam.
  • 【 Cloud compatible 】
    Since it is compatible with the cloud, it is possible to use the same server from multiple countries and observe business in Vietnam from Japan in real time.
  • 【Easy to use】
    The ledger sheets and data results can be output in CSV (Excel), customers can easily create new ledge sheets. We will also release the database upon a request.
  • 【Implementation/Support 】
    Depending on the customer’s request, we will support the implementation in “Japanese” “Vietnamese” and “English“ versions.

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Production planning software – ASPROVA

Asprova is the leading Japanese production planning software widely used around the world in various fields with the number of users over 1700.

Asprova Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Asprova is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system that creates production schedules at high speed for multiple items and multiple processes, fully integrating sales, manufacturing, inventory and purchase plans.

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  • Easy to use Excel

    Operation is easy because you are familiar with Excel.

  • Programming knowledge is unnecessary

    Even if you don’t have technical knowledge of program, you can create application only by designing the format of screen, report on Excel.

  • Development cost decreases sharply

    EVOLIO can reduce development cost sharply because screen, report, etc. are only designed and it is not necessary to write program.

  • Easily adapted to changes

    EVOLIO can create applications so quickly and easily. If there are many changes, but you can change immediately.

  • You can access from anywhere

    If the Internet/Intranet can be used, you can access from anywhere.

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Groupware Cybozu Garoon

Garoon is a groupware that aggregates the functions required for information sharing company-wide.

It has been selected as No.1 among the groupware category in Japan continuously! And more than 5200 companies are using it around the world.

Multilingual (Japanese, English, Chinese) support and world time zone settings are available. It is a business improvement tool that can be used as a communication base including not only regional bases such as Vietnam also overseas bases.

Kanto Bussan Viet Nam has been providing sales and introduction support in Vietnam since 2006.

All of these functions can be used


Schedule Facility reservation


File management

Web Board



Multi Reports

Tel. Memo

Address book User list

ToDo list


Time attendance

Presence confirmation

With Garoon

  • All in One application system with no programming required and ready-to-use.
  • Compatible with smartphones and PCs. You can check anytime, anywhere!
  • Compatible with both in-house server and cloud.

Recommended functions


Schedule management by person/department, task management, conference room/car reservation, schedule adjustment, etc.


Leave application, overtime application, expense application, business trip application, purchasing application, recruitment application, etc.

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FastHelp5 is a contact center CRM system that centrally manages customer information and all types of contact history gathered at contact centers (call centers) from telephone, e-mail, fax, and Web.

With its unparalleled ease of use and a wealth of functions to support center operations, it helps improve operational efficiency and center quality.

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FastAnswer2 is an FAQ knowledge system that centrally manages FAQs, reduces the number of inquiries, and supports knowledge utilization in contact centers (call centers).

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Monetize and market your virtual events using the latest virtual meeting and certification course software. Connect presenters remotely to a virtual room where they can attend without having to travel. Our team will be your virtual event concierge.

  • The V-CUBE Meeting web conferencing service is a high-quality cloud-based service with HD video and high connectivity that can be used in a variety of environments, including PCs and mobile devices.
  • We can produce and manage your virtual seminar at any location world-wide.
  • Our ASKnLearn™ Learning Management System (LMS) has more than 100 e-learning tools and administrative functions that allow you to customize to your requirement.

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