Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

1.Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal data protection
Our Company has established the personal data protection regulation and policy complied with applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data in Vietnam and guidelines issued by relevant government section.

2.Establishment of personal data protection management system
In marketing activities of IT products and related services, our Company will identify the purpose of use, use it within the extent of reasonable necessities, and appropriately handles consignment, provision, etc. to establish a personal data protection management system.

3. Implementation of personal data protection management system
Our Company informs all employees to be aware of the importance of personal data and personal data protection management system including this policy.

4. Ensuring accuracy and safety of personal data
In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal data, our Company takes reasonable safety measures from the aspects of the risk of personal data we handle and takes steps to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal data and leakage of personal data.

5. Response to complaints and consultation
Our Company will respond to any complaints and consultations regarding personal data appropriately and promptly.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests regarding the protection of our personal information,please click here.