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SmartCS network devices Management

Console Servers – Support IT administrators

  • An internal network must be able to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is necessary to maintain the operational status of network equipments in strong security conditions, including servers and routers, to ensure safe and stable network operation.
  • Since SmartCS was released in 2006, it has been accepted by all of our customers. It has console ports for network devices including routers, switches and servers.
  • With SmartCS, IT administrators can easily build a network management system that acts as a great support. Even in the event of network failure, network administrators can still have access network equipments via SmartCS to keep the corporate network system under control.
  • Meet European RoHS standards.

A new model has been launched to meet the needs of customers

To meet customer requirements, the new NS-2250 series which can improve hardware redundancy and is equipped with dual AC power supply and dual Gigabit I / F, is now available. Operators can access network equipment through SmartCS even when an AC power is off or inaccessible to the network.

We provide solutions for network issues

Network errors occurred. How do you access the devices?
=> We ensure smooth access to network devices.
=> We protect devices from unauthorized access with absolute accuracy. Network reboot. Does your diary disappear?
=> We store and retrieve important logs from the device being accessed.

Feature 1:
Integrated control panel
Feature 2:
Increase security and confidentiality
Feature 3:
Logging function
The ultimate lifeline, ensuring “controlled access” Protect against unauthorized access by encrypting information and granting user rights Collect, store and transmit important control logs reliably


Console server

SmartCS NS-2250


(NS-2250-48 Series)

  • Up to 48 ports control network servers and devices.
  • Collect and retrieve detailed logs for error analysis.
  • Enhance security by encrypting information and granting user rights
  • AC power / Redundant LAN port
Model Number of ports
NS-2250-16 16
NS-2250-32 32
NS-2250-48 48

Gateway server


Web access screen

  • Can be used as a console server management tool.
  • Centralized management of multiple devices information.
  • Can restrict the access of each user’s device.
  • Function to store access logs, activity logs.
  • Hierarchical display function.

Time Server

Real-Time synchronization

Provides reliable and accurate standard time for any type of workstation in the network and addresses all time synchronization issues that may occur in the operation of various business systems. such as financial institutions, health facilities, broadcasting and data centers, etc.




Mid-range model with high-precision crystals built in.


Standard model with optimal cost performance.



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